How to Master The Perfect Roast Potato November 16, 2020

by Hattie HelloFresh Christmas
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    Having learnt the tricks of the trade from her Mum, chef Mimi is a self-proclaimed master of the roast potato. Lucky for us, she’s put all her tips and tricks into this year’s limited edition Christmas box. With our step-by-step instructions and pre-portioned ingredients, you get everything you need to cook your roast potatoes to perfection.
    Roasted until crisp and golden on the outside and mouthwateringly fluffy on the inside, with a generous seasoning of rosemary salt, these roasties are so good, they just might steal the show this Christmas.

    For your entire Christmas dinner covered, from the turkey to all the festive trimmings delivered straight to your door, take a look at our Limited Edition Traditional Christmas Recipe Box

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