How To Make Pancakes Like a Boss

November 1, 2016
by Trisha Eat

    How to Make Thin Pancakes:

    Our chef Victoria will teach you how to make pancakes in her video (above) more specifically she’ll be teaching you all about making the thinner pancake such as crepes, dosas or socca pancakes. Crepes are the French version, Socca the Italian and dosas are the Indian version.

    How to Make Fluffy, Thick American Pancakes:

    The Dos

    • Do Add Butter
      The butter will add a rich flavour, but if you’re trying to cut down and be a bit healthier, it’s not necessary. But… it does taste better.
    • Do Use Raising Agents
      Either baking powder or bicarbonate of soda for a nice fluffy pancake, perfect for stacking.
    • Do Replace Milk with Buttermilk
      Buttermilk reacts with your raising agents in a way that leads to a fluffier pancake.
    • Do Try Our Delicious Pancake Recipes
      We’ve got some great ways to add a bit of flavour to your pancakes listed below.

    The Don’ts

    • Don’t Flip When Bubbles Erupt
      Unlike with their thinner counterparts, it’s best to wait until your American pancakes start looking a little bit cooked on the top side, which is a tiny bit after bubbles start erupting. Otherwise when you flip, you’ll have a lot of wet dough and it will be messy.
    • Don’t Overmix the Batter
      Just fold the ingredients together gently until they’re mixed. Avoid using food processors – this will lead to overworked, tougher pancakes.
    • Don’t Add Your Batter to a Cold Pan
      Get your pan to a medium heat before adding butter and batter, otherwise it will be soggy.


    Our 3 Simplest Pancake Recipes:

    To try out your new found pancake making skills, whether you’d prefer a thinner pancake or a nice fluffy thick one, you can choose from our very simple pancake recipes and learn how to make the perfect pancake!


    how to make pancakes
    how to make pancakes

    Happy Pancaking!

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