How To Make Cocktails

October 4, 2016
by Trisha Our Recipes

    Strawberry Mojitos Recipe

    Making cocktails is always harder than it looks… sometimes you make something, you think you’ve followed the recipe and when you have a sip it’s just pure evil in a glass. Don’t worry, there are a few simple tips to follow to make sure next time you know how to make cocktails. I’ve even shared my favourite recipes with you, so you can try out your new skills.

    1. Buy Good Quality Alcohol

      – You really can taste the difference and when you’re mixing alcohols, you’re far less likely to feel awful the next day, if the quality of the alcohol is there.

    2. Use Stainless Steel

      – Stainless steel shakers and mixing tools are much better when makeing cocktails than their glass counterparts because they don’t absorb as much heat during the shaking process from your hands. Glass absorbs heat and doesn’t cool down as quickly, so it will have an effect on the temperature of your drink.

    3. Crushed Ice Isn’t for Shaking

      – When you’re shaking your drink, it’s much better to use large ice cubes – and you should definitely avoid crushed ice. Both will cool your drink down, but with crushed ice you’ll dilute the flavour and recipe of your cocktail far more.

    4. Shake for 12 Seconds

      – This is a good rule of thumb when it comes to drinks that you make in a shaker. It gets them nice and mixed!

    5. Know When to Shake & When to Stir

      – As a rule of thumb, just remember if your cocktail contains  fruit, juices, cream liqueurs, simple syrup, sour mix or milk – it’s likely you’ll have to shake it. If it’s a more delicate drink like a martini – give it a stir instead.

    6. Garnish

      – Once you’ve added your drink to your beautiful cocktail glass, don’t forget to garnish it with something beautiful, natural and fitting. A well garnished drink is way more impressive and simple to do!

    7. Use Fresh Ingredients

      – It’s so much better to use fresh juice from fresh fruit rather than from a carton. You can really taste the difference.

    8. Use a Measure

      – Although trained mixologists might use their eye, as a beginner it’s really important to use your measure and stick to the recipe. There is a fine line between a cocktail made up of delicate and delightfully matched flavours and something that tastes like a 1960s premade pina colada!

    4 Easy Cocktail Recipes

    Now it’s time to practise what you’ve learnt…

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    A Strawberry Mojito

    This tangy, yet sweet cocktail has a bit of Cuban charm with a lovely European twist. Your pals might have had a mojito, but we doubt they’d have tried this.

    Lots of brownie points coming your way.


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    A Passion Fruit Caipirinha

    Just like Samba, the Caipirinha is a Brazilian classic. They used to make it with lime, but now you can get this cocktail with strawberries, mango and even passion fruit. Delish!


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    A Jalapeno Margarita

    This is an absolute HelloFresh original. It is very sweet and VERY spicey. A killer combination for the adventurous among you!


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    Our 5 Minute White Sangria

    If you just want something simple to make and easy on the eyes, our white sangria is just what the doctor ordered. Ready in minutes!

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