How to Make a Christmas Garland

December 7, 2015
by hellofresh Learn

    DIY Christmas decorations

    How cute is this DIY Christmas decoration? It’s so easy and if you’re going for the minimal and natural look this Christmas – this is a great one!

    It will take you no longer to make this and it’s totally unique and customisable to you and your tastes. It’s great to hang at the wall at the end of your dining table to add a bit of Christmas charm while you’re munching on some turkey.

    How to Make a Christmas Garland

    What You Need:

    • Christmas branches of your choice: pine, berries, holly etc.
    • a bare, thick branch
    • string or beautiful festive ribbon
    • scissors


    1. Tie a piece of string to both ends of your branch – this will be an easy way to hang it up!
    2. Arrange the leafy branches in the order you want to hang them —it’s all about your personal choice
    3. Tie each small leafy branch to your large bare branch using string or ribbon. You can also add some extra greens around the naked branch if you want to be extra festive!
    4. You can add a string of lights if you want to be flashy
    5. Hand it up and enjoy!


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