How To Keep Your Food Fresh

April 7, 2020
by Rebecca Down Uncategorized

    Here at HelloFresh, we’ve made it our mission to reduce food waste.

    That’s why our ingredients are pre-portioned and packed to reduce waste. We’ll only send you exactly what you need to cook your recipes so there is never any worry of forgotten vegetables hiding at the bottom of your fridge door.

    To get the most out of your box, and to help your veg go that extra mile, our chefs have shared their top tips for making sure all the fresh produce in your kitchen is put to good use!

    Soft herbs

    Store soft herbs such as parsley and coriander in a jar or glass with 2.5cm water (like a flower bouquet) in the fridge. This should be room temperature for basil.


    Asparagus will stay fresher for longer if you stand spears in a glass with 2.5cm water, cover loosely with a plastic bag and keep chilled.


    Peel any ripe avocados (cutting away brown bits ) then slice and toss in a little lemon juice and freeze in a single layer on a lined baking sheet. Once they’re frozen transfer to a freezer bag. The avocados will stay green and defrost quickly.


    Revive tired looking carrots by placing them in a glass of water.


    Our chefs love chopping them and frying slowly with garlic and herbs for a pasta sauce.


    If mushrooms are turning brown, don’t discard, peel off the outer layer and discard any dry stalks.

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