How to Host the Ultimate Night In with HelloFresh

January 7, 2022
by Hattie Ultimate Recipes

    What if we told you the ultimate night in just got easier?

    The ultimate night in just got easier with these Ultimate Tex-Mex Tacos

    January. We know it’s nobody’s favourite month. But the quiet that follows the whirlwind of the festive season really does have its upsides. Mainly, it’s the perfect time to stay home, relax and do something nice for yourself. The freezing temperatures and resolutions to save a little more (and possibly drink a little less) only makes it twice as easy. With that in mind, we’ve got five ideas that’ll take your night from ordinary to ultimate. Invite your friends over to share the fun or turn off your phone for the evening – this is about doing what you want. Suddenly, January feels a lot more exciting! Why not explore our date night recipes and try dishes like Fried Bean and Mushroom Tacos, Margherita Inspired Risotto or Roasted Duck Leg to truly make the most of your cozy evening at home?

    Game, set, match.  

    Pour the wine and release the snacks! Staying in is anything but boring with a good games night. Our advice? Consider what game will complement your plans. For example, if you’re planning a Friday night with friends, then opt for the party games that’ll create a little healthy competition. Alternatively, late Sunday afternoon’s call for unwinding over a more strategic-style board game.

    We’re not drooling over this Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger. You are…

    Up your snack game.

    Of course, we turn to food when planning well, pretty much anything, but any activity is made better with the ultimate charcuterie board. Especially if you throw out the rulebook and make it extra special by choosing only your favourite snacks. Swap cured meats and cheeses for doughnuts and strawberry laces if it’s what you fancy. Anything goes! Just make sure when you’re assembling the board to add the larger foods first and then decorate with the smaller pieces. Whatever you choose, assembling this snacker’s paradise is a fun activity in itself. 

    Host a cocktail or mocktail night. 

    January doesn’t have to be all dry. Swap your cuppa for something a little more exciting, like these mocktail recipes. 

    Cook the Ultimate spread. 

    This Ultimate Fish and Chips dish delivers the classic tastes of the seaside

    Hosting extended family and friends throughout the festive season can mean catering to the tastes of others. This month, there’s something to be said for cooking for yourself again and picking recipes you really just want to eat. To get your taste buds tingling, we launched a collection of your Ultimate feel-good favourites on the menu. Think comfort food of the highest order, we don’t doubt these dishes will have you cancelling plans. We’ve got everybody’s favourites like Ultimate Fish and Chips, Ultimate Tex-Mex Style Chipotle Tacos and Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger, with a tasty twist of luxury ingredients and top-quality sauces. 

    Binge your favourite TV series. 

    Grab the blankets and get cosy. We’re binge-watching all our favourite shows. On account of the temperatures continuing to drop, the nation is happy to swap a night out for a night in of great TV, and this shows since January is chock full of new and returning series.

    We recommend this list of Netflix and Amazon shows set to release in Jan.

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