How To Host An Out-Of-This-World Tea Party

June 14, 2022
by Kate Celebrating the launch of Disney and Pixar's "Lightyear"

    Since teaming up with Disney and Pixar to celebrate the launch of the new original sci-fi action-adventure, “Lightyear”, we’ve been inspired by all things space, adventure and…beyond. With this in mind, we’re here to help you create an epic space-themed party of your very own. From table decorations to celestial-inspired snacks, look no further for out-of-this-world ideas the kids will enjoy. Loving our ‘Lightyear’ inspired recipes? Carry on the fun at home with our epic meals here

    Fruity rockets 

    Launch your space party off to a flying start with these fruity rockets. You can use whichever fruits you like, but we’ve suggested blueberries, grapes, pineapple and strawberries for lots of colour. 3,2,1…lift off the plate and enjoy!

    Fruit skewers image

    Galaxy yoghurt bark  

    This delicious creation is a fun one for the kids to get involved in. They can create their own swirly-galaxy patterns with purple and pink colours, and if you have any, this yoghurt bark looks great topped with sprinkles. Simply line a freezer-safe tray with greaseproof paper, and spoon on a few tablespoons of 2 different colour yoghurts. Swirl together with crushed berries (we used blueberries) to create your galaxy effect. Top with blueberry planets and granola meteor rocks, and allow to set until you’re ready to get your party underway. Once set, you can break into bite-sized pieces.

    Galaxy yoghurt bark recipe image

    Apple aliens

    You never know what weird and wonderful creatures you might meet on your space adventure, and these cheeky apple aliens are full of character! Quarter each apple, then cut the middle out to create a mouth and stick sunflower seed teeth into the mouth. Next, add a sliced strawberry tongue, and place 1-2 sugar eyes onto the ‘head’ of your little aliens. Just make sure there’s an adult in charge of the chopping, when knives are present. 

    Apple aliens image

    Big dippers 

    Big flavours for little dippers come in all shapes and sizes. Have fun with a star shaped cookie cutter and bring the night sky to life – we’ve used cucumbers as they’re a bit easier and softer to cut through.  Try carrot slices for full moons and avocado slices for crescent moon shapes, and bring some veg-filled fun to your party table. An adult can chop the shapes and the little ones can arrange in a fun galaxy-inspired pattern! 

    vegetable dips image

    Deep space table decoration 

    Decorate your party table with cut-out stars and moons – you can even try hanging them from the ceiling for an extra dimension. Weave fairy lights across a blue tablecloth with purple napkins to bring a starry night sky to life. You can even upcycle your HelloFresh box and cut out cardboard stars to add some extra fun to your party table. 

    Party Table Image
    Want to keep the adventure going? 

    Go to your HelloFresh menu to discover new “Lightyear” inspired recipes every week.

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    To the dinner table…and beyond!

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