How to Cook a Jacket Potato November 23, 2015

by Trisha Eat
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    Jacket potatoes are something that us Brits love.Never heard of a jacket potato? To our American friends, a jacket potato is just a baked potato. There are the classic jacket potatoes fillings with beans and cheddar or chilli con carne. But what about something a bit different? It’s a bit too nippy out to consider a sandwich for lunch. If you want something satisfying, why not try this chive-y egg and cheese jacket potato for a  filling lunch?  If you want a jacket potato to be really special, you need to bake it in the oven. Although you can definitely cook potatoes in the microwave, this is far from ideal and you won’t get that crispyness that makes a good jacket potato worth it!

    Jacket Potatoes with Eggs

    So, why with eggs? Let’s face it, eggs work pretty well with most things and they are also full of protein and amino acids. If you want the tastiest, most filling and crispiest ‘tater, follow our recipe on how to cook a jacket potato.