Introducing: How do you HelloFresh?

October 30, 2018
by Rebecca Down Our Stories

    Experimental, by-the-book, creative, meticulous…How do you HelloFresh?

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    Every week, our customers tag us in thousands of #HelloFreshSnaps, sharing photos of the delicious recipes they have cooked and enjoyed each week. From adding a clever twist to a recipe, taking one portion into work for lunch the next day, or teaching kids to cook from scratch, it’s great to see how our customers enjoy HelloFresh in so many different ways.

    Last month, we visited the homes of three of our customers to find out how they HelloFresh. Whilst they were all cooking the same recipe, our Pan-Fried Salmon with Warm Potato Salad and Heritage Tomatoes – the finished dish varied with each person, and was the perfect reflection of their different personalities.

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    Meet Our Customers

    Hanane: Family Box Customer

    The first customer we visited was Hanane, a busy working mum of one, who lives in East London and has been getting our Family Boxes for just over a year and a half. Her kitchen is open and bright, and she describes it as her ‘happy place’. ‘Cooking is my downtime, it helps me to relax after a long day and gives me a chance to get experimental! I come from a family of cooks so for me, cooking is always the best part of the day.”

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    How would you describe your cooking: A little bit creative, fun and cooked with love – I cook for my family and friends so I love to see them enjoying something homemade.

    Favourite recipe: Anything with aubergine in it! We loved the recent Chorizo Aubergine Spaghetti!

    Anthony: Rapid Box Customer

    Anthony’s kitchen is immaculate, and his bookshelves shelves are lined with recipe books and filled with spices. “It’s funny, I have all these recipe books but the truth is I really don’t have the time to cook from all of them…I have to admit, they’re mainly for show!”.

    So far, Anthony has enjoyed 45 of our Rapid Boxes, and says that his cooking style has improved because of them: “I love routine, and like to have a plan for the evening so I know I won’t just get a takeaway or cook the same thing on repeat. The step by step recipe cards are great as it means I can tidy as I go which means I can sit back and relax once I’ve finished cooking, without the thought of washing up spoiling my meal!”

    How would you describe your cooking: Meticulous…I just want it to look like it does on the recipe card!

    Favourite recipe: The 10-Minute Sticky Tofu Stir Fry any day of the week.

    Rebecca: Classic Box Customer

    Rebecca is our newest customer of the three, and has been getting our Classic Boxes for 3 months. “I’ve never been that confident in the kitchen so my default was just to cook the same thing on repeat. I love pesto past, but not five nights on the trot”.

    When we asked her whether she’d had any recent kitchen mishaps, she laughed “I have them all the time! The trick is to just roll with it – at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what your food looks like, it’s whether it tasted good! Well, that’s my motto anyway!”

    How would you describe your cooking: Scatty!

    Favourite recipe: Well, the last recipe I cooked was the Paneer Veggie Curry with Sweet Potato and Courgette and my friends LOVED it so it has to be that one!

    How do you HelloFresh? Show us in your #HelloFreshSnaps for the chance to win £15 off your next box and to feature in our Hall of Fame.

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