Food of Hong Kong

September 13, 2014
by hellofresh Our Stories

    In Hong Kong when the weather is hot and humid, it feels incredibly to sit in air conditioned rooms and indulge in some good food. Just to give you a little glimpse of the snacks Hong Kong has to offer.


    Egg Waffles From Pig Out Travels

    The street side snacks that you can find everywhere, they are little puff balls of sweet sponge.


    Pineapple buns with butter from Spd3159 Food

    This is for those who want to indulge in the morning, pineapple bun with a slab of butter in the middle. Decadent and best to go with a strong cup of coffee or tea.


    Egg Tarts from Gins Kitchen

    Egg TartsĀ in Hong Kong is similar to the custard tart, but the fillingĀ more vanilla than nutmeg. You can have it in two different pastries, shortcrust and the puff pastry, both which are delicious.

    Happy Cooking!

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