What To Do With Your HelloFresh Packaging October 21, 2019

by Rebecca Down Sustainability

Here at HelloFresh, we are committed to making the food that goes into our boxes more sustainable.

Our commitment to reducing food waste

Our passion for food goes far beyond delivering great-tasting ingredients that our customers can turn into delicious homemade recipes. It’s about where the food comes from and how its journey – from farm to fork – has an impact on the planet. We’ve always been determined to reduce food waste by delivering the exact amount of ingredients you need to cook at home so you’re never left with excess food in the fridge. We also minimise food waste in our supply chain by carefully ordering the right amount of ingredients from our suppliers in our weekly deliveries.

HelloFresh packaging

When it comes to packaging, we are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that we only use what is necessary to keep these ingredients fresh and of the best quality possible. You can find out more about how we’re working to reduce our impact on the environment here.

Our boxes are FSC certified and can be recycled as part of your household recycling. Many of our customers love upcycling their boxes (one busy mum and her kids found 10 ways to use a HelloFresh box!), proving that you can get more from your box if you think creatively. Here are 3 ways you can reuse your HelloFresh box to keep the kids entertained.

Our Sustainability Mission

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