Our Fish Supplier: James Knight of Mayfair

October 21, 2015
by Trisha The Fresh Faces


    You know the old saying “there are plenty more fish in the sea”. I love that saying because it’s so hopeful. At the Fresh Farm, we adore cooking fish and the image of digging into a steaming hot fish pie, is one that keeps us going on cold autumn evenings! However, we realise that the sad reality is, that if we don’t all do our bit to make sure that the fishing industry is sustainable, there just won’t be plenty of fish in the sea. We handpick suppliers who farm with real skill and heart because we know that their produce just tastes better (and is better)! For this reason, Paschal of James Knight of Mayfair is our trusty fishmonger. He believes avidly in sustainable, responsible fishing and why?

     Because I want my grandchildren to be able to buy fish and I want my grandchildren’s children to be able to.

    Spoken like an absolute fish lover and activist – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We caught up with Paschal and his fishermen to find out more about his love for all things fish related:

    Paschal started his career in the fish industry as a potato peeler in a fish and chip shop, then at 18 he started selling fish at Billingsgate market. Now, he’s the MD of the fishmonger that supplies the Queen! If he doesn’t know the fishing industry like the back of his hand, at every level, we don’t know who does!

    I love the romance of wild fishing – and the taste of a fish that has had a real life out there in the choppy waves, being snapped at by gulls day after day!

    What people tend to forget is that wild fish is the last food source that is hunted in a very difficult environment

    Ahoy there Mister Gull!

    “Mmmmm, this is some tasty fish”

    IMG_2697 (1)2

    Want to try this freshly caught fish? How about ordering our Cajun lemon cod in next week’s recipe box


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