Patrick’s Family Cookalong

October 30, 2015
by Trisha Our Stories
    HelloFresh Family cooking
    Once upon a time (… back in 2013), we launched our Family Box.The reason being that we’re massive fans of cooking as a family… and eating dinner together. For me, dinnertime is one of my strongest family memories as a child. Stealing potatoes off my sister’s plate when she wasn’t looking and whenever she turned back she had a look of horror and suspicion in equal measure. I adore that expression of hers.


    Dinnertime is the one time when everyone can share the fun they’ve had during the day and hang out! So, long story short, Patrick invited 7 mummy bloggers and their kids to join him during his cookalong. He cooked the oh so scrummy Sicilian Caponata at home and streamed it live while Laura, SianAmanda,  Sarah, Elfa , Oana and Rebecca and their little rascals cooked along at home.
    HelloFresh Family cooking PatrickHelloFresh Family cooking
    And because it’s Halloween and we’re suckers for some good old fashioned fancy dress, we sent them a few Halloween goodies! Sian said: “My son was meant to be my sous chef but he’s having a Harry Potter convention behind me”. What a cutie!

    Here are some of the snaps from the cookalong – thanks for sharing these guys! Everyone at the Fresh Farm is so impressed by how well these kids can cook! Good job!  If you want to share your photos don’t forget to tag them with #HelloFreshsnaps:

    cook a long

    You can find Patrick’s Sicilian Caponata on our recipe archive.

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