5 Reasons To Add Our Extras To Your Box

October 11, 2019
by Rebecca Down HelloFresh 'Extras'

    We’ve got dinner covered when it comes to cooking serving up delicious food everyone will love, but we’ve now added even more to look forward to with our brand new ‘extras’…

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    For the past couple of months, we’ve been treating our customers to decadent desserts from our friends at Gü, which are now available to add to your box every week. So, with the main course and dessert sorted, where next?

    Inspired by the positive feedback we’ve had so far, our efforts to make mealtimes even more memorable are not slowing down. Last week we added our newest extra to the HelloFresh offering: bread. For the past couple of months, our chefs and product team have been on the hunt for the best breads out there, tasting everything from crusty ciabatta loaves to dark sticky rye.

    First up on the menu is our Handmade Ciabatta Loaf. Handmade using extra virgin olive oil, ciabatta dough is slowly fermented to produce a light open centre and extra crispy crust. It takes its name from the Italian for ‘slipper’ – the distinct shape of this traditional Italian loaf. Perfect for mopping up sauces or simply serving with olive oil or butter, this is a delicious side to add to your weekly order. Keep your eyes peeled for more delicious options coming up in the next couple of weeks…

    5 Reasons To Try Our Extras

    1. There’s always room for more.

    Fact. Regardless of the fact that you’ve had seconds, there’s always room for a warm slice of crusty ciabatta or a cheeky Gϋ-zillionaires’ Cheesecake or a zesty Blueberry and Lemon cheesecake, 

    2. Turn mealtimes into a real spread.

    Sure, you’ve got a delicious main course planned but have you thought about what to serve them with? Pop the bread in the oven for about ten mins before you’re ready to serve the food, and surprise your guests with a delicious sweet treat to finish off the meal.

    3. Avoid a late-night dash to the shop.

    If you ever find yourself craving something sweet after a meal, you’re not alone. Finishing off a delicious meal with something a little bit indulgent is no bad thing. Make sure you’ve added our Gü desserts to your box to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    4. Mop up every last morsel

    With lots of deliciously saucy recipes coming up in the next couple of weeks (our Veggie Coconut Caribbean Soup in boxes from the 19th October springs to mind), a thick slice of warm ciabatta is just what you need to mop up every last mouthful.

    5. Seize staying in

    As hibernation season settles in, get cosy at home with the delicious smell of warm bread filling your kitchen, and the promise of a post-dinner pud putting a spring in your step as you head home.

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