Our Customer Corner: Leisa & Steve

September 16, 2015
by Trisha Our Cooking tools

    When we met Leisa and Steve and heard what they had to say about HelloFresh and our boxes, it made us feel all warm inside. First of all, they are just so lovely, so a big thank you to them both for having us over to their beautiful home! Married for 25 years, this local minister and his wife had a lot to say about their HelloFresh experience; we adore their excitement about cooking and eating as a family!

    For me, the best part of this video is Steve’s initial suspicion about putting crackers and porcini mushrooms in meatballs. But I’m proud to say that this is followed up with a nod of approval: “And the meatballs were great, we loved them”. We’re glad to hear that Patrick and Ruth’s (our chef’s) ingenious tricks are a hit.

    “Not just saying this, but cracking meals… and it makes you feel like – I made that!” Steve says. We’re blushing!

    HelloFresh customer review

    For more videos from our lovely customers, go to our testimonials page. If you have a customer story you would like to share with us on our blog – just send me an email! We adore hearing about your cooking adventures. And it you like the look of chicken, leek & tarragon stew with mash that Leisa is cooking in this video, you can download the recipe from our recipe archive or download our app.

    Now, go forth & cook deliciousness this Wednesday!

    At The Fresh Farm, when we get emails and stories like this from our customers, we genuinely send them round to the whole team. It really makes us feel like our boxes are helping people enjoy dinner more! Think this sounds like something you’d enjoy? Whether you’re a family or not, we’ve got a box for you. Try our boxes here.

    Do you have your own HelloFresh story to share? Write to trisha@hellofresh.co.uk, we’d love to feature your story on our blog.

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