Our Cooking App has arrived!

July 30, 2015
by Trisha Learn

    The HelloFresh app

    Hurrah! Your new kitchen companion is here

    I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of kitchen disasters; mine have ranged from burnt rice at the bottom of the pot to vegetables that are soggier than a rain-soaked sock. Stories like these are at the very heart of the HelloFresh mission because we want everyone to be able to cook and eat well. For us, there is a cook in everyone, just begging to be discovered! So, drum roll please… for our lovely new app!

    While we have our sensational recipe boxes to keep you all on track in the kitchen, we wanted to do more to make sure that absolutely everybody can access our outrageously large (and incredibly well-curated) recipe archive – it’s one of the largest IN THE WORLD! Think of our app as your very own personal trusty cooking companion! You can use it on your iPhone/ iPad, and if you’re lucky enough to have one, your Apple Watch.

    A word from Nuno

    Want to know more? Check out this video of Nuno, our charming head of technology. Patrick reckons he looks like Antonio Banderas… Anyone else?

    What exactly does our appetising little app do?

    – Whack it on cooking mode and it will guide you through preparing your meal, step-by-step!

     We’ve got a built in timer! So, no more forgetting you left something on the stove!

    – Managing your account is easy as pie!

    – The cherry on top? You can download your recipe onto your Apple Health app!

    the HelloFresh app

    Are you delighted by our shiny new app?

    Just go to the app store and download the HelloFresh App. Oh –  by the way it’s free!

    Have you already downloaded the App? Give us some feedback by commenting on this post!

    the HelloFresh cooking app

    Happy cooking!


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