What’s your Christmas tradition?

December 20, 2015
by Trisha Our Stories


    Given that the Fresh Farm is a pretty mixed bunch, we share stories about different eating traditions a lot and when it comes to Christmas, people celebrate in vastly different ways! So, here’s a fun little read for you about Christmas around the world:

    1. In Slovakia, they eat carp for Christmas dinner. As the tradition goes, the carp must first swim in the family bathtub for at least a day or two before being prepared.
    2. In some parts of South Africa, deep fried Emperor Moth caterpillars are a festive delicacy.
    3. In Venezuela, people are crazy for roller skates at Christmas.
    4. In Sweden, their Christmas pudding has a hidden peeled almond in it and whoever finds it will get married within the year!
    5. Another delightful Slovakian tradition is that the oldest man in the family flings a spoon of lokhse pancake onto the ceiling, the more that stays up the better
    6. India is home to over 25 million Christians, but due to a lack of pine trees, they decorate banana trees instead.
    7. The Polish traditionally lay an extra plate at the Christmas table for an unexpected guest…
    8. Last year, British children left 7 million mince pies out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.
    9. All this extra food consumption means that the average person puts on an extra 5lbs (2kg) in weight
    10. The British love Brussel Sprouts at this time of year. But did you know, that 70% of people have a gene that causes us to dislike the bitter flavours of a Brussel Sprout.
    11. 36% of Germanseat sausages and potato salad on Christmas Eve.
    12. Americans eat 22 million turkeys during the holiday season.

    What ‘s your Christmas tradition?

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