5 Reasons To Order a HelloFresh Christmas Box This Year

November 19, 2021
by Hattie HelloFresh Christmas

    The HelloFresh Christmas Box has landed, and we couldn’t be more excited. As if you needed convincing, these five reasons to order your box will have you heading straight to checkout

    Mariah Carey and Micheal Buble are defrosting as we speak, ready to dominate the UK charts for the next four weeks. One by one, high streets across the country are switching on their Christmas lights. Here in the HelloFresh kitchens, the conversation has turned to everybody’s festive favourites, like our Oregano and Cranberry Sausage Burger with Wedges and Rocket Salad or Chicken Saltimbocca and Crispy Sage with Creamy Tagliatelle and Tenderstem

    It can only mean one thing, Christmas is on its way!

    If, like us, your Christmas is all about the food and drink, then having the perfect menu is probably priority number one. Our Christmas Recipe Box is filled with everything you need for a deliciously easy Christmas dinner that will have your guests begging for seconds. 

    Our Christmas box arrives straight to your door, so it seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, if you need further convincing, here are five reasons to order your HelloFresh Christmas box. Head’s up: the following contents contains some mouth-watering food. You’ve been warned! 

    More time to relax with family and friends 

    After last year’s cancelled celebrations, 2021 is all about enjoying quality time with your loved ones, something difficult to do when your mind is preoccupied. Thanks to our easy to follow recipes and a timing plan you know it’s all going to turn out great, meaning you can focus on enjoying Christmas day to the fullest. 

    You avoid any food waste 

    Everybody dreams of a feast on Christmas day, but it can be all too easy to be left with excess food. According to WRAP, enough potatoes are thrown away annually by UK homes to produce enough roasties on Christmas day for the whole country, for 48 years, and Christmas is responsible for a disproportionate amount of our annual waste. 

    We only purchase what we need from suppliers and everything in your box is pre-portioned to the gram so you can indulge without waste. 

    No Christmas dinner mishaps

    The average person will cater for around five people at Christmas time and four in 10 admitted they are worse at cooking if additional people are watching them. 

    In a HelloFresh survey, serving up soggy roast potatoes, burning yourself and dropping food on the floor were among the most common Christmas dinner mistakes. But, not on our watch! Thanks to our timing sheet and easy to follow instructions, you best believe there will be no forgetting the stuffing or burnt sides in sight. 

    Discover something new

    Now don’t get us wrong as we love a traditional Christmas dinner, BUT serving up the same meal year after year can start to get a little old. Why not bring some excitement into your festivities and start a new Christmas dinner tradition with us? Our team of in-house chefs have created new variations on old favourites that’ll have your tastebuds singing. Take the Sprout Gratin with Bacon and Crunchy Hazelnut Crumb which is so delicious not even the most passionate sprout-hater could resist. 

    For a life-changing dessert 

    White Christmas chocolate cheesecake pots with salted caramel and a sprinkling of pistachios. Seriously, what more can we say? 

    Convinced? We thought so. To find out more about this year’s Christmas box and to order yours, tap on the button below…

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