The HelloFresh Chilli Champions

September 25, 2015
by Trisha Learn

    HelloFresh family box

    Last week, I was chatting to one our of customers, talented photographer and family box lover Victoria Macken. Now, if you think we are chilli obsessed, she sent us these amazingly adorable photos of her daughters eating some chillies from her HelloFresh box. How impressive?!

    We’re so pleased to hear that the girls are really adventurous with food and flavours and that Victoria is loving cooking our recipes with her family.

    HelloFresh family box

    Victoria’s HelloFresh experience

    What’s your favourite thing about your HelloFresh family box?
    It’s knowing that each recipe will only take me around 30 mins from prep to table. Having all of the ingredients fresh and ready to go with minimal waste. We love opening the box and seeing what exciting recipes are on the menu for the week and my daughters take it in turns to decide what we will eat first. The recipes are simple and I actually really enjoy cooking them. It is not a chore with the simple instructions and there are new recipes every week.
    Have you learnt any cool tricks?
    Cooking fish has been a big learn from me. I always shy away from it fearing I will poison us all! It is something I will always choose when eating at a restaurant because I never thought I was able to cook it properly. I am far more confident now and feel quite proud when I serve up prawns, seabass or salmon fillets.
    What’s your favourite HelloFresh recipe?
    I loved the most recent duck recipe and so did my girls. It was packed full of flavour and a real treat to eat!
    What’s this about your daughters loving chillies?
    I often don’t get a chance to cook with chillies that arrive in the box. They are swiftly removed and munched up by my two eldest daughters. The first time my eldest tried one she actually thought it was a red pepper. I found it a few days later half chewed behind the curtain in the living room!

    HelloFresh family box

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