HelloFresh Team up with Alexandra Rose Charity

March 20, 2019
by Rebecca Down Our Stories

    As huge advocates of fresh quality ingredients, we are very proud to be partnering with Alexandra Rose Charity who help low-income families to get access to fresh fruit and vegetables in their communities.

    This week, the Alexandra Rose team have written a guest blog, telling you about their Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project and sharing the story of one of their mums, Lamratu.

    “I love Rose Vouchers, now I can buy lots of fruit and vegetables”. Lamratu breaks into a smile and her hands rise up “Now my boys love their fruit!”.

    This wasn’t always true. Just a short while ago, Lamratu could not afford any fruit and veg; she is one of the 23% of families in the UK who live with food insecurity. Her sons were suffering from bronchitis and ill health. Lamratu was upset and worried by the lack of fruit and veg in the boy’s diet.

    Many other families unfortunately face similar issues. Carol, a Rose Vouchers Project outreach worker explains “a lot of our parents worry about not having enough food to feed their families, with some unsure of where their next meal will come from”. Rose Vouchers are given to families on low incomes who are struggling to afford fruit and veg.  A family receives £3 of Rose Vouchers for each child, every week, or £6 if the child is under one year old. Families like Lamratu’s take the vouchers to their local market and choose the fruit and veg that their families will enjoy.

    Within a day of learning about Rose Vouchers, Lamratu had met her local support worker, collected her vouchers and visited her local market. With her children, she was choosing the mangoes, carrots and spinach that she had longed to buy. She took her produce home and began making different meals immediately, introducing her boys to new flavours as she cooked.

    We are proud to be partnering with HelloFresh to help share our work and mission to reach more families in need. Eating healthy, well portioned, and veg-packed meals is one of the core principles of HelloFresh. At Alexandra Rose Charity, we know that families all over the UK want the same for their family but many lack the means to make this a reality. Rose Vouchers enable families to have access to their choice of fruit and veg.

    We want to help more families like Lamratu’s to access fresh fruit and veg in their communities. A donation of just £3 is enough to provide fruit and vegetables for one child for a week. The last time Lamratu took her sons for a check-up, the dietician said “What are your boys eating? They are very strong!” Lamratu smiles again “it’s all the vegetables! I love my Rose Vouchers, thank you Rose Vouchers!”

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