How to make healthy Papaya fruit bowls

August 26, 2015
by Trisha Eat

    healthy fruit breakfast recipe

    If you’re anything like me, you wake up every morning with the intention of eating something much more exciting, nutritious and delicious for breakfast. But as we all know, old habits die hard and a bowl of crunchy nut or porridge seems the be the only thing bleary- eyed Trisha can handle in the morning. But genuinely, this papaya fruit bowl – which was inspired by Dana’s papaya boats is so quick and easy to make that there is no excuse to not have it. Plus I added a sneaky bit of dark chocolate on there, to give this healthy breakfast an extra kick.

    How to make a healthy papaya breakfast video:

    Berlin Food week

    Just halve, scoop and fill. You can choose any filling you like; Apple, yoghurt and peanut butter is another fantastic combination! But I wanted something really colourful to wake be up for this post. And I have been inspired because I bought tickets to Berlin Food Week (SO DARN EXCITED) – the early bird tickets are only 7.50 euros for three days! So, if you happen to be in Berlin or you fancy a visit to Germany’s capital – where I hear the food scene is really hotting up – book a ticket!
    healthy papaya fruit bowl recipe

    They are also hosting a fun little competition, so I thought I would enter with these photos. It’s a Food Porn Awards. You can win an iPhone!!!! Wahhh! I want an iPhone 6 so I can take some cool slow mo videos.

    Berlin Food week porn awards

    Happy Scooping guys!


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