Healthy Dessert: Honey Baked Nutty Pears March 16, 2016

by Trisha Eat

sugar free dessert recipe

Sometimes, after dinner that little sweet tooth creeps up on us all. So, if you want to spice up dessert a little bit without having to fry a mars bar or something else drastic and crazy, then give our delish baked pears a go! They’re baked without any refined sugar – they’re sweet enough already – with honey, hazelnut, walnuts and coconut. Super YUMMY.

sugar free dessert recipe sugar free dessert recipe

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Philip Rawson says:

Sometime ago, I asked if it would be possible to have a few dessert recipes included as, after a tasty Hellofresh meal, what better than to finish with a tasty Hellofresh dessert. I shall certainly be buying some pears and trying the baked pears recipe.

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