Hannah & the Rogue Pigeon! February 10, 2016

by Trisha Our Stories
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    A reenactment… in our kitchen

    “It was a crisp Monday morning and I was walking down Oxford Street excited to begin another week at HelloFresh. It was windy, so… I was wrapping my coat around, ducking my head down to help me protrude through the strong winds.

    Then just as I was approaching the safety of the Fresh Farm entrance, there was a strong gust of wind and a PIGEON hit me in the side of my face! Yes, a pigeon. It was obviously mid-flap when the wind caught it as it felt surprisingly strong and its wings were clearly ruffled by the weather so it felt a mixture of spikey and soft.

    It was one of those unusual experiences when you turn to see if anyone else is around to share the moment with. Unfortunately the street was pretty empty and no-one seemed to have noticed. Either that, or they had all looked away to spare me embarrassment. I actually wish they had kept watching and laughed with me as I just looked even crazier walking along Oxford Street alone in fits of laughter!

    I now have a pack of antibacterial face wipes at my desk… just in case we meet again.”

    A true story by Hannah (our lovely office manager)… keep your eyes peeled for more HILARIOUS stories from the team…