Halloween recipes

October 30, 2014
by hellofresh Eat

    Halloween it is one of those times when food can be in the oddest colours and eating a brain shaped dessert is normal. Of course there are more ‘normal’ dishes that you can decorate in a Halloween theme. To warm up your creativity skills, we have give you some recipes to start off with.


    Here are our favourite Halloween recipes

    Halloween recipe taco

    Graveyard Taco Dip by Chickabug

    Bring tex-mex to the table by making this GraveYard Taco Dip, it can all be assembled the previous night. The tombstones do need to be added on just before serving to keep them crunchy, if you wish to write on the tombstones please remember to use edible ink.

    Spider Halloween Cookies recipe

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies by A Spicy Perspective

    These cookies are adorable, they are similar to the cookies in previous week blog post here made with pumpkin. See, told you Halloween is all about creativity with everyday foods. This one as added ooziness with the Lindt chocolate in the middle.

    Halloween zombie recipe

    Rice Crispy Treat Zoombie Brains by Rickabamboo

    So these do not look like the most appetising dish on the menu, however that is the fun of Halloween right?  But they will certainly be gooey, sweet and delicious.

    Pineapple halloween light

    Pineapple Carve by A Subtle Revelry

    Everybody has been carving pumpkins for Halloween, but I think pineapples can look just as exciting and even more menacing after carving.

    Happy Halloween!




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