Gü Desserts Now On Our Menu! September 23, 2019

by Rebecca Down HelloFresh 'Extras'
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    There’s always room for…

    Yes, you guessed it. DESSERT.

    For all the sweet-tooths out there (and we know there are a lot), we listened to your passionate cries for desserts and partnered with GU to make it easy for you to enjoy a delicious dessert at the end of your meal. After selecting your favourite weekly recipes, you now have the option to add desserts to your box.


    If you’re making changes on a desktop, you can find the desserts option at the bottom of your weekly menu. 


    If you are making changes on our app, you can find and add desserts by selecting ‘2. Add Extras’ in your ‘My Menu‘ option.

    Make room for these delicious flavours…

    From Gϋ-zillionaires’ Cheesecakes, to a zesty Blueberry and Lemon cheesecake, the flavours we have on offer change week to week. The only difficult part? Choosing which one you’ll add!