Showstopper Recipe: Grilled Chicken, Saffron Freekeh & Zahtar Dressing February 20, 2017

by Rebecca Down How to cook
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    The first sign of spring made a strong and very welcome first appearance this weekend, and had me reaching for a recipe that would go with the sunny weather. Light, fresh and seriously delicious, this lemony grilled chicken breast with saffron spiced freekeh and a zingy zahtar dressing is the perfect recipe to add a spring to your step. 

    If you’re a regular HelloFresh-er then chances are you will be pretty familiar with my favourite supergrain, freekeh (for the record, it’s pronounced free-kah!). Yes, it may sound a little free-ky, but freekeh is the unsung hero of the supergrain squad. With more protein and twice as much fiber than quinoa, I’d be surprised if this little grain doesn’t start making a more regular appearance in your own recipes!

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