Gluten-free recipes

January 3, 2014
by hellofresh Our Cooking tools

    We know that some of our customers follow a gluten-free diet, so we wanted to gather some gluten-free recipes to share with everyone. We particularly like the savoury vegetable loaf, as it is something we haven’t come across before!

    1. our Gluten-free recipes: pear muffins

    Ooh, pear muffins; I don’t mind if I do. We loved how soft and moist the pears made these little gluten-free cakes. Definitely one for a rainy weekend in!



    Gluten Free Pear Muffins recipe

    Gluten Free Pear Muffins by Pratos e Travessas

    2. Cookie dough cheesecake bars

    You had me a cookie. But I really love all these new-age baking fusions like the cronut, and cheesecake bars. Their gluten-free nature is also very much appreciated!


    Gluten-free Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars recipe

    Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars by A pumpkin and a Princess


    3. Gluten-free turkey meatballs and noodles

    A lot of meatball recipes include bread crumbs – so sadly they aren’t gluten-free. But these ones are, so dig in!

    gluten-free Turkey Meatballs with Asian Style Noodles recipe

    Turkey Meatballs with Asian Style Noodles by Gluten Free Goddess

    Click on the pictures for the full recipe, delicious food is always worth making.

    Happy Baking!

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