Genius Ways You Can Upcycle Your Packaging  May 11, 2020

by Hattie Sustainability
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    At HelloFresh, we’re mindful of the sustainability of the packaging sent out to customers, and we continuously look at how we can reduce waste while ensuring our best is in the best possible condition when it gets to you. 

    While our boxes are FSC certified and can be recycled as part of your household recycling, so many of our customers come up with out-of-the-box ideas to transform their box materials into new, useful products. 

    Not only does upcycling encourage creativity, but it also conserves the environment. To get you inspired to do the same, here are some of the genius ways our customers use our packaging!

    1. For families 

    Robots, pin-ball machines and forts, just when we think we’ve seen just about everything, our customers create something new!

    Credit: @holly_rudge on Instagram

    Credit: Sally Burford

    Credit: @holsie_p on Instagram


    2. For our four-legged friends

    Whether it’s a new bed, fresh digs or a hot new set of wheels, these furry friends are living life in style.

    Credit: @assetmaye on Instagram

    Credit: @rossyboy1996 on Instagram

    Credit: @clairelynow on Instagram


    Credit: @harveyhamthelab on Instagram

    3. For the green-fingered

    Our box isn’t the only thing to get a new life, these BOL soup containers which are available to order from our sides menu are a hit with budding gardeners. 

    Credit: Alex McKay

    This customer also used the inner lining of their ice packs to prevent slugs from getting to their potted plants!

    Credit: @roomswithaview on Instagram

    4. For the working from home

    From overnight porridge bowls to snacking pots, our customer’s are loving these BOL soup containers. 


















    Tip! They’re freezable. Pop any leftovers into the container and pop it in the freezer to prevent waste. 

    Hungry for more upcycling inspiration? Here are 10 ways to use a HelloFresh box and 3 ways you can reuse your HelloFresh box for more ideas to keep the little ones entertained.