Friday Feeling #9: Popsicles & Dachshunds

July 17, 2015
by Trisha Our Stories

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    Happy Friday everyone! This week was Billy’s amazingly organised popsicle week, and we have to admit that at HelloFresh we were in awe of all the amazing recipes. So in devotion to this great week, here are our favourite must-eat ice lollies and popsicles from around the blogosphere!

    1. Do you know Sarah from The Sugar Hit? If you have a sugar addiction… approach her blog with caution. You will want to eat it all! Immediately. Especially her double fudge birthday cake popsicles!

    2. How about some thyme roasted strawberry and cream popsicles? OHHHH yeaaaaaaah! From the lovely Erin made this

    3. Erm… say what? Beetroot and goat’s cheese ice lollies? That could almost be part of our that’s weird series. Looks awesome!

    4. For a more refined and retro feel, how about these Neapolitan ice lollies? Great for the little ones on a hot day!

    5. Now, finally, because we are Brits and Pimm’s is second nature to us. Here are Maryanne’s Pimm’s ice lollies. NOMNOMNOM

    Some words from our customers:

    Our favourite instagram AND customer feedback of the week comes from Katherine and her little sausage dog; George Sofoluke-Brown (follow this little cutey on instagram). Now, while it isn’t written or verbal feedback, at the Fresh Farm we’re pretty sure George’s clear excitement to open his box, is a great sign!

    And some more customer feedback:

    hellofresh customer review
    Where to eat this weekend?

    Going to be in London this weekend? Awesome. Particularly awesome if you lurrrrve salt beef like I do. Beigel Bake in Brick Lane will be your dream. It’s at 159 Brick Lane and they have delicious bagels, with salt beef and pickles and all that jazz! It’s open 24 hours. I know; the dream.

    Movie of the Moment

    Have you seen Chef?  A great movie about a chef who refuses to give up the adventurous and fun nature of his cooking when faced with a controlling boss. He sets up a food truck and it’s so delicious – at least it looks delicious! Great feel good movie!

    Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week!


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