Friday Feeling 6 – It’s all about the love!

July 1, 2015
by hellofresh Our Stories

    Orange and feta salad

    Today is the day when the possibilities of the weekend lay in front of us all, like a beautiful rainbow of possibilities… I think in this analogy we are all unicorns. And I like it. That’s right people, it’s Friday.

    Did you know that the origins of the word Friday come from the Celtic goddess Freja’s name. She was the Celtic version of the goddess of love, Venus. How fitting that the origins of the word Friday is love. Love is all you need and sometimes so is Friday.

    As an ode to Friday and Freja, this post is going to be a collection of places, stories and people who have been spreading some pretty decent love around recently. The Friday Feeling is normally all about food and at HelloFresh we love food, but it’s about more than food too. It’s about bringing people together, gathering you around a kitchen table, when you cook, when you eat and as you create a dish for your friends and family. So yeah, we love the love that food can create and we appreciate other people spreading love in their own way. It’s pretty corny, but hey I’m listening to emotional German rap as I write this.

    Mimi takes on Recipe Development

    First of all – we love our Mimi’s beautiful apron! What do you think? Mimi is going to be switching from customer care to the recipe development team, so we thought it was only fitting that we should get her a new apron!

    HelloFresh Team

    Spreading the love:

    1. Have you heard of the Street Barber? I found him a few days ago and I am obsessed with his instagram. His name is Nasir Sobhani and he works 6 days a week. On his day off, he hits the streets to cut homeless people’s hair. What a legend. You can watch a video about his extremely interesting story here.
    2. Next up – our love of nature. How cool is nature? As an extension of that, I would like to ask “how cool are monkeys?” Obviously that is a rhetorical question… we all know they are very cool. Monkeys are so smart, that they love dogs as much as humans apparently? So they have been taking measures to get their own pet dogs by domesticating wild wolves. I am BLOWN away by this interspecies affection.
    3. Now for something on the medical front – did you know that Swedish blood donors get a text message everytime their blood is used to save someones life? What a lovely and incredible way of keeping donors in the loop!
    4. Now for some FOOD related love. This group of Robin Hood like characters are literally taking from the rich and giving to the poor. And what they’re giving is food! They take leftover food from corporate events and give it to people without. How fantastic! HelloFresh is loving this concept of no waste!
    5. This one isn’t a link or an article. It is some much appreciated love from one of our customers. Thanks to Moya for sending this in and making all of our Fridays.

    “My very first box arrived about 20 minutes ago at almost Noon on the dot, in central Cornwall. The cool chamber has ice packs inside, that were still frozen solid and keeping the dairy products cool. Now that’s what you want with a fresh food box delivery. Even before I’ve gone through the whole box and/or got to grips with the recipes, I am already impressed.”

    Some news from the Fresh Farm:

    Our HelloFresh tote bag is quite the explorer! Check out Elise from our customer care team in Croatia. She clearly missed us so much so that she had to take Totey with her on her travels.  Croatia looks amazing!

    HelloFresh tote bag

    Where to eat this weekend

    The Clink in Brixton is a restaurant with something very unique about it. What is so different about it? Well on top of serving delicious food, the Clink is staffed by prisoners who are training to get their City & Guilds NVQs in hospitality & catering and customer service. The end goal is to give them the opportunity to find a job in the hospitality industry, once they are released. I read about it and I thought it was a fantastic idea. If you agree and you want to support these guys in building a better future for themselves, you can reserve here. They also have restaurants in Cardiff, Styal and High Down.

    Movie of the Moment

    Sandlot kids

    Just because it’s such a lovely film – its got to be the Sandlot. It follows the adventures of the new kid in town, Scotty Smalls, and his new Baseball loving friends in small town America. It’s such a feel good movie! Also, I have so much to thank this film for – it taught me what a s’more was. And I’ve wanted s’more ever since!

    A fantastic weekend to you all!

    p.s. if you like the look of the bloog orange, feta and walnut salad and the top – here’s the recipe.

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