Friday Feeling #4

June 12, 2015
by Trisha Our Stories

    Friday Feeling at HelloFresh This week at the Fresh Farm we are feeling particularly celebratory. It’s been a fabulous week for us! Not only did we win the coveted Grocer’s Golden Award but we were also named Britain’s most loved health and nutrition brand!

    In other news, did you know it’s the Queen’s birthday parade this sunday?? Check out what we think of this lovely lady at the Fresh Farm in our new video feature called The Kitchen Series. It’s just us in our kitchen having a chat about current stuff.


    As you know by now, each week we present to you our favourite finds from around the internet. So, here they are:

    1. You know how we love to revolutionize the way people eat at the Fresh Farm, well this is the best way to revolutionize you eat ice cream
    2. People in the office are torn on this one, but it’s still a pretty great way to cook a classic: scrambled eggs
    3. Obviously we love a bit of Buzzfeed, so here are 13 foods you should NEVER eat on a first date.
    4. As we are fans of seasonal produce and of the strawberry in particular, here is a tribute from the fabulous Bon Appetit to the humble strawberry and it’s uses.
    5. And now for the obligatory cat entry – but it’s no ordinary cat! Watch this lion being released into the wild… and recognise the feeling of freedom (it’s Fridaaaaay!)

    Where should you eat?

    Check out Banana Tree on Wardour Street in Soho! It’s very affordable South East Asian food. They have beef rendang, they have crispy fried fish, and they have happy hour! If you happen to be on that street anyway and you love a good coffee, you should head down to Tap Coffee at number 193. They roast they’re own beans and their cake selection is quite the envy of the street.

    Movie of the Moment

    So, I know it’s an oldie and a goodie, but I still meet people on almost a daily basis who haven’t watched Disney’s masterpiece: Ratatouille. Get it, watch it, live it. Obviously, you can’t live it… cooking rats in real life is NOT cool guys. But in animation, it’s outstanding.

    Have a great weekend people!


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