Friday Feeling #13: Wafflin’ on…

August 14, 2015
by Nia Eat

    easy waffle recipe

    It’s not been a great week for weather in the rainy UK. It sometimes gets us down here on the Fresh Farm when it’s cold and windy, but there is one perk to bad weather… it makes it a tiny bit more acceptable to treat yourself with food. I mean, we have to make ourselves feel better somehow – right? So in full spirit of comfort-eating, this Friday we bring you ‘the waffle edition’. So forget the summer bod and make yourself feel better this evening with some delicious waffley-treats.

    easy waffle recipe

    Our favourite waffles recipes

    1. Breakfast waffles
    2. Sweet waffles
    3. Savoury waffles
    4. Healthy waffles
    5. Not-so-healthy waffles
    6. Spelt waffles (the ones in our photos*)

    A few words from a customer:

    HelloFresh customer review

    Where to eat

    If you don’t fancy making your own waffles and would like someone to cook them for you, check out Waffle On. These guys run a food stall in Maltby Street and Borough Market in London. Some of their amazing toppings include home-cured salmon or even Asian-spiced duck… mmm we’re drooling.

    Have a waffly weekend!


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