Friday Feeling #12: The Italian edition

August 7, 2015
by Nia Our Stories

    Mushroom Tortellini recipe

    Hello and happy Friday! It’s a BEAUTIFUL day today and we are feeling good. Italy is one of my favourite countries in the whole world. Of course, the awe inspiring landscapes and history of Rome, Venice and Serena are epic, but what I really adore is the food. So take a look at some delicious Italian-inspired recipes in today’s post, including an awesome Mushroom and mascarpone tortellini recipe and how-to video from Trisha:

    Here’s 5 Links of Italian Goodness

    1. We are in love with this Italian fig open sandwich 
    2. A scrummy mango granita recipe to keep you cool
    3. Here’s one of our recipes for Gnocchi Allo Genovese – perfect for a weekend dinner.
    1. This Grilled Radicchio with Fig Balsamic Syrup would make the perfect side-dish to this weekend’s dinner party.
    2. And finally, it wouldn’t be a true Italian Edition without gelato so here’s a recipe for Olive Oil Straccialtella Ice Cream – YUM!

    Where to eat

    Polpo is a lovely bàcaro. Anyone wondering what a bàcaro is? Good question… it’s a Venetian style restaurant serving simple food made of delicious ingredients and good, young local wines. Sounds like a treat! They’ve got spots dotted all around London; you want to give this place a try – especially if you’re crazy about Italian food. PLUS, they’ve got the same beautiful hanging light bulbs and exposed brick as in our very own kitchen – great taste Polpo… even if we do say so ourselves !

    Movie of the moment

    La Dolce Vita – an Italian classic. If you haven’t seen this… you’ve made my heart sink a little bit. But there is still hope! The narrative follows a week in the life of a philandering paparazzo journalist living in Rome. A couple of hours in Rome this weekend sounds dreamlike.

    Fun fact:

    Did you know that our head chef Patrick and his food loving girlfriend, Kylie, have their very own show all about the joys of Italian food? Here’s the trailer:

    Buon Venerdi (Happy Friday) guys! Hope you’ve got that Friday Feeling!


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