Got that Friday Feeling?

May 22, 2015
by Trisha Our Stories

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    Happy Friday everyone!

    Got that Friday feeling yet? Honestly, I wanted to describe the Friday feeling in words, but I couldn’t quite find the right ones, so here is my slightly underwhelming attempt. For me that feeling is fundamentally linked to the hope for lie ins, long breakfasts, alarm free mornings and hilariously bad Saturday TV. How annoying is it when you leave your alarm on by accident and then on Saturday morning you hear it go off and are filled with a fear? Oh the fear! The fear that somehow, you have missed the weekend?? I genuinely almost felt a single tear roll down my cheek when I realised I had left my alarm on last Saturday. But then I told myself “Hey lady, pull yourself together. It’s the WEEKEND!” But just a friendly reminder… turn off those alarms now people!

    Anyway, enough rambling, welcome to Friday Faves. This is where we share our favourite food stories of the week from around the world and we will do it every Friday. Thus the name. These little trinkets of food joy that we hope you will enjoy.

    1. Ever wanted to have a Mexican knees up? Helene from Tartelette, shows us how to throw a Mexican feast to remember.
    2. Did you forget to order one of our boxes for your dinner? No worries, The Faux Martha has a quick and easy Friday Night Fajita recipe.
    3. Lucia, our head of business operations, says for her the Friday Feeling tastes minty! So here is a minty Mai Tai for her and any others heading out on the town tonight.
    4. I know it’s a classic.  But if you’re not going out tonight… why not bake some chocolate chip cookies, put your feet up and watch a movie… with a glass of milk obviously!
    5. Now here is one to warm your hearts more than to feed your bellies. This team of people worked tirelessly to find a way to help people with anaemia, which is one of the most common health issues in the world. They call it the Lucky Iron Fish and we find it fascinating!
    6. Finally, we wanted to do a shout out to Sun Temple Food, as they wrote about one of our recipe boxes. Thanks to Germaine for that!

    Where you should be eating this weekend

    Chick ‘n’ Sours in London’s Dalston is awesome! They work with local producers from Yorkshire and Cornwall and if you like chicken, this is the place for you. If you like wacky but delicious looking side orders… pull up a stool. Their pickled watermelon, peanut and coriander salad is unspeakably good.

    Movie of the Moment

    As it’s a Friday night, there is always potential for movie night. So, this is the part of the post where we share movies we love for your viewing inspiration. They may not ALL be in the Oscar nominee list… so, don’t judge us. This week, it’s my favourite trashy movie. Mean girls is a teen cult movie from the noughties. All you need to know about this comedy: Lindsey Lohan, liquor and loathsome (but hilarious) teenage behaviour.

    Mean Girls gif


    Have a great weekend!



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