Free From Series : Gluten Free Desserts

February 11, 2015
by hellofresh Eat

    These days products that are gluten free are on the increase, but there is always something heart warming about homemade desserts. Since Valentines Day is coming along, there is no better time to bring your inner Chef out with our easy to do ingredients (to pair with your HelloFresh meals).

    After our sugar free month, we still want decrease our sugar consumption but indulging a bit in desserts section this month.


    Amaretto Snowballs by Pureella

    If you are a big fan of marzipan then you’ll love these. Almond with a hint (or big splash) or amaretto, it is the perfect snack that is packed with Vitamin E for watching the big movies of the year. Just remember not to have the amaretto bottle on the side.


    Orea Cake by Purely Twins

    One of our favourite biscuits, apart from Digestives, are Oreas so we couldn’t resist sharing this Orea cake with you. Admittedly we haven’t tried this gluten, grain, egg and sugar free version (ours was bursting with sugar) but we think highly of this recipe and aim to bake it.


    Black and Blueberry Crumble by Green Kitchen Stories

    I thought I was making the best crumble of the decade, until this recipe came through and I put it through the test. It was so good. The topping was crunchy and the berries were sweet but still retaining their zing, on the plus side? Honey was used instead of sugar which meant we felt better about ourselves.

    Happy Gluten Free Baking! 







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