Our Favourite Winter Squashes November 5, 2019

by Trisha Eat
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    Cooking with Winter Squashes

    Whether in chutneys, stews, soups or roasts, squashes are a nutritious way to add depth and flavour. If you’re lacking ideas for how exactly you should cook all the wonderful squashes around right now, we’ve got 3 perfect recipes for you.

    1. Sage and Butternut Squash Risotto

    Oysters, coconuts and lobster. There are certain ingredients that you wouldn’t necessarily pick up when you’re looking for a quick fix. Aside from needing specialised hardware, if you haven’t dismantled them before, then there’s actually a reasonable chance of causing yourself a mischief in the process. After a straw poll around the HelloFresh Farm, it turns out that the humble butternut squash has also mystified a few people, so we’re tackling it head on. Roasted with sage and combined with risotto, the only specialised equipment you’ll need is a spoon to eat it.

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    2. Feta, Serrano Ham and Butternut Salad 

    If you’re searching for recipe inspiration at this time of the year, a salad might not jump out as a warming winter recipe. But, with its wholesome and hearty ingredients, this salad in particular  is the perfect dish for these colder nights. When roasted, butternut squash’s naturally sweet flavour is drawn out, and the result is a delicious caramelised veg. It pairs perfectly with the powerful flavours of feta and serrano ham, and the earthy taste of lentils give a wonderful autumnal feel to the recipe. 

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    3. Coconut Dal with Roasted Butternut Squash, Onion Textures and Naans

    We love this creamy coconut dal as it reminds us of sandy palm-fringed beaches and warmer weather… Our dal is warming and hearty, thanks to being seasoned with our curry powder blend and creamy coconut milk. Topped with roasted squash, crispy onions, pumpkin seeds and fresh coriander for an unbeatable texture combination, this is a dish you can’t go wrong with.

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