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July 29, 2015
by Trisha The Fresh Faces

    HelloFresh family box customers breakfast

    Last Thursday, we invited a selection of our family customers to pop by for a spot of breakfast. Hannah and Lucia ( Lucia is in the white blouse and Hannah has the red hair and is making a cuppa, above) have been working tirelessly to make sure that they get as much feedback as possible from our customers.

    Not sure if you heard (*blushes*) but last week, The Independent said that HelloFresh is their favourite UK recipe box because we ticked every box – “easy-to-follow recipes, imaginative ideas and fabulous flavours”. Now, we are working harder than ever to make sure we keep on impressing!

    The HelloFresh kitchen

    Herbs and coffee – very close to our hearts!

    HelloFresh Family customers

    How awesome is this fuchsia suit on Doris? Love.

    So, we welcomed Doris, Joanne, Sue, Emilie, Louisa and her adorable daughter Maisie who was quite the hit at the Fresh Farm. Their feedback is golden and their stories are precious. There was a lot of talk about how our boxes have been a key ingredient in quality family time. It’s great to hear that HelloFresh helps the kids learn about food and cooking from such a young age. Some HelloFresh parents even get their kids to chop ingredients, stir and marinate and read the instructions from our recipe cards to them while they cook. Fantastic!

     HelloFresh Patrick Drake Head chef

    Head chef Patrick – joking around with our youngest customer Maisie!

    hellofresh customer breakfast

    Some of their ideas on how we could improve and what we should do more of have been fabulous. So, watch this space; we’ll be taking on these ideas and Luke and his team will be working to add those cherries on top for our family customers!

    the hellofresh kitchen

    the hellofresh kitchen

    This is what it’s all about – gathering around the table and having a good old natter! Thanks to all the customers who came to hang out with us – we hope you enjoyed the croissants, granola,  pain au chocolat and berries. Are you a family box customer? Have you got feedback? Just pop it in the comments and we’ll make sure it gets to Lucia and Hannah!

    If you’d like to try a box – we’ve got our classic and veggie boxes as well as our family box. Try our boxes here.

    Do you have your own HelloFresh story to share? Write to, we’d love to feature your story on our blog.


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