10 easy ways to add fruit & veg to your day February 24, 2016

by Trisha Learn

10 easy ways to add fruit and vegetables to your diet

When I asked around about this, I got suggestions like “Listen to Peaches n’ Cream” from some of our Snoop Dogg fans – but I felt this might be 1. Inappropriate and 2. I wanted to add it to people’s diet, not to their iTunes list. So, here are some helpful and easy tips for adding a bit more fruit and veg into your daily routine, from our team.

  1. Add a slice of lemon to hot water in the morning and sippety sip!
  2. Having cereal? Add some fresh berries
  3. Having toast? Spread on some peanut butter and add some slices of apple
  4. Swap your coffee for a quick smoothie with half fruit half veg
  5. No time for breakfast? Chop some carrots the night before and eat them on the commute!
  6. Have a fruit bowl on your desk at work and fill it up every Monday
  7. Packed lunch? Swap your pasta for courgettini
  8. Play a Game! Every time you think about cake, eat a segment of orange
  9. ¬†Add fresh herbs to your meals – they’ve got vitamins too!
  10. Fancy chocolate mousse? Make the avocado version!
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Maddi says:

Perhaps Hello Fresh could increase the vegetable accompaniments to their meals?that would help people achieve their ‘5-a-day’. I was quite shocked that the recipe for Jamie’s roast chicken contained just 1/2 a red pepper between two people, and no other veg?!

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