Easy Homemade Salsa Recipes (Ready in Minutes!) May 6, 2020

by Hattie Street Food Recipes
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    A themed dinner party is a great way to make a night at home feel special. And what better theme than Mexican?

    This week we celebrated Cinco de Mayo and, as Mexican cuisine is up there as an all-time favourite with our customers, we thought it was only right to share some simple homemade salsa recipes that showcase exactly what makes Mexican food so delicious.

    Ready faster than you can ask for a Margarita top up, these salsa recipes are made with minimal ingredients – perfect as an appetiser or for continued dipping alongside your showstopping main.

    Salsa Roja 

    One of the most common salsas in Mexico, a salsa Roja is a fiery, smoky recipe – what Mexican flavour is all about!

    Pico De Gallo 

    A pico de gallo is incredibly easy to make, and the raw ingredients make it a fresh and flavourful addition to your dinner spread. The dip is perfect for warmer weather, too.  

    Salsa Verde 

    Your classic salsa verde is a staple in a Mexican kitchen. Use to top your tacos or drizzle over cheesy beef enchiladas, or, simply enjoy with tortilla chips.

    For even more salsa inspiration, we’ve got a list of your favourites for every occasion here!