Our Customers’ Favourite Traybakes

September 22, 2019
by Rebecca Down Eat

    Love to cook but hate to wash up? We know the feeling, which is why we’ve shared our favourite traybake recipes for when you’ve got a house-full and time is of the essence.

    Creamy Lamb Pasta Bake with a Cheesy Crumb and Rocket

    This warming and hearty Lamb Pasta Bake with Crumb is bursting full of flavours and makes the perfect dinner night option. Get the recipe here.

    Penne Beef Ragu Alforno with Cucumber and Tomato Salad

    This Italian inspired pasta dish is a customer classic. It oozes it’s southern European origins, combining herbs and fresh tomatoes and red wine to create a delicious Mediterranean medley. The magic of this dish lies in it’s name, ‘Alforno’ ,Italian for ‘baking’. To get the best out of it make sure you sprinkle on the Mozzarella and hard Italian cheese before baking for 8 – 10 minutes to ensure a golden topping of greatness. Get the recipe here.

    Mexican Style Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato and Mozzarella

    What makes a pie a pie? We know some people who insist it must have a ‘pastry hat and coat’ to qualify. But what about a cottage pie? Surely that counts too, even though it’s topped with potato. And what about this cottage pie? We’ve given it a HelloFresh twist with Fajita spices and a sweet potato crown. Whether it still qualifies for official pie status, there’s no denying it’s tasty! Get the recipe.

    Shepherd’s Pie with Feta Mashed Potato

    The epitome of simple, homely comfort, shepherd’s pie is a go-to for rainy days. But we also love it during sunnier times too…We’ve given this recipe a hit of Greek sunshine by seasoning the lamb mince with a classic Mediterranean herb, oregano, and topping it with a creamy feta mash. Super simple to put together, and bursting with fresh, summery flavours, this is a great recipe to knock together mid-week. Get the recipe.

    Coq au Vin Style Pie with Parsley Mash

    We’ve transformed this classic French dish into a much loved British favourite: pie and mash! But do not be mistaken…this is no ordinary pie and mash! A deliciously rich and warming filling tucked in with golden pastry and served alongside buttery parsley mash makes this recipe a perfect midweek showstopper. It’s hard to think of a reason why you wouldn’t fall head over heels for this dish. Get the recipe.

    Mexican Style Tortilla Bake with Kidney Beans, Soured Cream and Cheese

    This all-in-one dish is guaranteed to get a thumbs up from the whole family. Chef Lizzie has created a Mexican-style ‘lasagne’, using whole-wheat tortillas instead of sheets of pasta, filling each layer with a veg-packed tomato sauce and baking it until the cheesy topping is golden and bubbly. Serve up in the middle of your table along with all the toppings and dig in! Get the recipe.

    Cheesy Tomato Risotto with Crunchy Cucumber Salad

    Risotto is so delicious, but the prospect of all that stirring can sometimes be a bit daunting. Chef Mimi to the rescue! She’s simplified the process and created this recipe that can be baked in the oven – all the creamy, luxurious texture with none of the elbow work. If that wasn’t enough, it also boasts the crowd-pleasing flavours! Get the recipe.

    Tray-Bake Chicken with Roasted Veggies, Tomato Salad and Minty Salsa

    Delicious roast veggies, crispy-skinned chicken and a refreshing minty salsa. There’s a lot to like here. But maybe our favourite element of today’s meal is the tomato salad. There’s something so elegantly rustic about mixing tomatoes of two different sizes. Hope you think so too! Get the recipe.

    Oven-Baked Bacon Risotto with Mushrooms and Salad

    Risotto is such a delicious, creamy dish, but all the stirring that is required can make it a bit daunting. In this easy recipe, André has simplified the process. Forget about the stirring, just shove your risotto in the oven. All the creamy luxurious texture with none of the elbow work! Get the recipe.

    Baked Herby Chicken with Green Bean and Tomato Risotto

    Warming, delicious, and simple enough to rustle up for a midweek dinner, this velvety risotto with baked herby chicken is Italian comfort food on its best form. With minimal hands on cooking time, this recipe will prove that making a risotto doesnʼt have to be difficult! A great tip for making a speedy risotto is to leave your stock on a low heat whilst you add it to the rice. The hotter the stock, the quicker it will be absorbed by the rice. It sounds simple but it works! Get the recipe.

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