Herbs: DIY Seedlings with Eggshells April 8, 2016

by Trisha Learn

DIY seedlings eggshells

You know us, we love a bit of upcycling. If you fancy growing some herbs in your kitchen, rather than going out and buying fancy pots, why not start off with egg shells? It’s a great way to recycle and once your lovely seedlings have grown a bit bigger, then you can repot them together into a larger pot. Plus – how cute do these look?

At the Fresh Farm, we start our kitchen herbs off as seedlings in our egg pots. We find that chives and mint work super well like this!

How to plant your seedlings

DIY seedlings eggshells
HF160405-R13_DYS_Seedlings 14_LowRes
  1. take 6 bottom parts of 6 empty eggshells and place them
  2. spoon some soil into the egg shells until they’re full
  3. sprinkle a couple of seeds onto the soil
  4. using a butter knife, press the seeds into the soil


DIY seedlings eggshells

Have a lovely weekend!

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