Deliciously Ella Comes to The Fresh Farm!

May 5, 2015
by hellofresh Our Cooking tools

    Sometimes a person bursts onto the public stage so (seemingly) suddenly and with such fanfare that you’re left wondering where they came from. Some might even go as far as to call them an ‘overnight success’. But what those people don’t realise is that an overnight success is usually the result of years of hard work…

    The chances are that if you’ve read a newspaper or magazine, watched the TV or simply stepped outside your front door in the last few months then you’ll already know about Ella Woodward (Deliciously Ella) . From grassroots blogger to (inter)national cooking star, she sits at the epicentre of healthy eating in the UK today. But before the appearances on daytime television and the green smoothies was just a regular girl trying to deal with a debilitating illness. Much in the same way that David Beckham put the metatarsal on the physiological map, Ella has brought awareness to a little known illness called ‘Postural Tachycardia Syndrome’. She was diagnosed with the illness back in 2011 having suffered from heart palpitations, headaches, exhaustion and more besides. A self-confessed chocoholic and one of Ben & Jerry’s most loyal customers, she decided enough was enough and looked to her diet as a cure. In the years that followed she tried and tested recipes that she wouldn’t previously have dreamed of: plant-based with no sugar, gluten, dairy, additives or preservatives. And to chart her journey she decided to start a blog. was born.

    As the drastic change in diet provoked a drastic improvement in health, the blog became a Mecca for others who also suffered from diet-related illness. Ella didn’t claim to have the magic formula for health and she didn’t talk down to people like a nutritional headmistress. It was just her, discovering what (clearly) worked for her and sharing that with the world. When dieting fads and marketing noise abound, Ella’s authenticity and pure joy for what she does is the only USP she needs. Nowadays millions of people around the world head to her site for recipes, fitness tips and inspiration, whilst her book has sat atop the Amazon charts since the day it was launched.

    To check it out simply click here.

    The one photo Patrick managed to snap of Ella's Coconut Thai Curry before it got gobbled in The HelloFresh Kitchen!

    The one photo Patrick managed to snap of Ella’s Butternut Squash and Brown Miso Curry before it got gobbled in The HelloFresh Kitchen!

    This month we’re excited to be featuring one of Ella’s most popular recipes, Butternut Squash and Brown Miso Curry, in our boxes so you can try her food in your own home. On the week commencing 10th May our Classic Box customers can swap out a recipe and order Ella’s recipe instead (but you need to do it before midnight tomorrow!) and our vegetarian and 5 meal customers will be receiving it the week after (w/c 17th May).

    For first time customers we’re also giving you the chance to try Ella’s recipe on either week with a 50% discount by typing in the code “ELLA” at the check-out.

    Happy Cooking!

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