The one thing you need to cook delicious dinners

by Lauren Hunter

Since returning to work after maternity leave, I get asked pretty often how I fit it all in, how I manage to keep spinning all the plates.

It’s hard right!?! Bloody hard!!
Thankfully, us mums are not alone. Everyone’s busy!! And there’s whole industry out there geared to making life easier for the ‘time-poor’.

HelloFresh is for my inner domestic goddess that I simply don’t have time to be! This weekly box of goodies helps me provide my little family with delicious, healthy home cooked meals every night, without the stress!

My very favourite thing about HelloFresh is the recipes themselves! I have LOVED every single one!! I’d consider my husband Colin and I to be quite adventurous cooks and…err…’eaters’? But HelloFresh has really pushed us out of our comfort zone. We’ve made the most delicious Thai, Mexican, Italian inspired meals!

We’ve been using HelloFresh since February, so I feel like I’ve really put it to the test. I’ve RAVED about it to everyone who’ll listen, so I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts on this excellent little bit of ‘help’ in this space too!

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Maternity leave spoiled us.

But, as the end of my maternity leave approached, I knew these days would be short lived! My job is so busy, and most nights I’ll be lucky to get home in time for bedtime routine, let alone pulling together a dinner from scratch.

Then there was the thought of braving the busy supermarkets at the weekend. Having to write lists on my precious Sunday evening with Colin and the boys.

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That’s when we discovered HelloFresh, and honestly, we haven’t looked back!

In the box you’ll receive recipe cards and the exact ingredients to make them. Fresh ingredients, meat and store cupboard essentials, all measured out and ready to go! That includes herbs, spices, sauces, literally all you need is Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil!

The recipe cards are dead easy to follow, and it’s crazy how simple cooking from scratch is when you have everything to hand and ready to go! Because HelloFresh send you all the ingredients measured out, there’s no waste and left-over (half-used) food taking up space in your fridge.

Most recipes take around 30mins, so absolutely perfect for midweek meals when you don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen.

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I would absolutely recommend you give HelloFresh a go, it’s honestly been a bit of a blessing for our little family and my busy working mama brain.

If you fancy giving it a try, the lovely people at HelloFresh have given us a discount code for 50% off your first box. You just need to enter HUNTERS50 in the promo code box.

Please do let me know how you get on! 🙂

Lauren xx