Davina McCall’s 6 Golden Rules For Creating Good Habits

May 24, 2019
by Rebecca Down ReFresh with HelloFresh

    Insight from our customers shows that summer can be a challenging time to stick to a good routine. As a renowned promoter for balanced living and positive motivation, we’ve partnered up with Davina McCall to launch ReFresh with HelloFresh – a 21-day cooking journey to help you find your cooking mojo by creating a supportive community that will encourage you along the way:

    I’m a big believer in creating good habits and sticking to them. Starting to cook fresh food from scratch is a positive step towards a healthy lifestyle. I’m excited to help others refresh their routines and highlight that cooking and enjoying food at home with people who make you smile is easy when you have a little guidance.” – Davina McCall

    We’ve teamed up with the wonderful Davina McCall to create a 21-day cooking ‘refresh’ that will build your confidence in the kitchen and help you to create great long-lasting habits! Over the next 3 weeks, Davina and a community of home cooks looking to freshen up their routines will be sharing weekly tasks, videos, tips and inspiration to show you how simple cooking from scratch can be. Take part in the cooking journey and find your cooking mojo by joining a motivational group that will keep you inspired along the way.

    Davina McCall’s Golden Rules For Creating Habits That Stick

    1. Set your goals:  Set yourself little goals and achieve them, it’s such a good way to make you feel good about yourself.
    2. Declare your goal: Tell people about what you want to achieve! WIth people behind you, they will be your cheerleaders as you set out to achieve your goal.
    3. Rally people around you: Join a positive community and motivate each other.
    4. Put habits into practice: Cook for someone: Inviting people over for dinner or cooking for your family and friends is a great way to break up your weekly cooking routine. Impress guests with your cooking skills and share your favourite recipes with them around the table.
    5. Take small steps: Set yourself little goals and achieve them. That way you can get bolder as you become more confident and understand that you can nail loads of things
    6. Congratulate yourself along the way: Be proud of what you’ve done. Take a step back and acknowledge your progress. You’re closer to your goal and have made a positive achievement.

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