The Kitchen Series: a chilli eating competition! August 24, 2015

by Trisha Our Stories
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    Look at these two – don’t they look cheerful? Well… that was before things got really hot. We’re a fairly competitive bunch at the Fresh Farm and so when I challenged everyone to a chilli eating competition there were quite a few takers. And it wasn’t any old chilli, these bad boys are scotch bonnet chillis from Brixton market. When I asked the guy at the stall if they were hot, he didn’t even say anything. But his expression was one of horror… of days gone by when he had clearly attempted to eat one  with what I can only imagine was no success.

    Are you ready? Rob and Keith from our marketing team took on the Scotch Bonnet challenge and I have to say, they did it very well. There were very few real tears… at least not until the camera was off! Good job guys! Keep your eyes peeled for part two when Harrison and Gavin take on the scotch bonnet.. perhaps with slightly less success.

    Happy Monday – go on.. try a scotch bonnet. We dare you!