Chef Brain: Episode 7 Pancake Recipes February 8, 2018

by Rebecca Down How to cook

That time of year has crêped up on us once again. With Pancake Day just around the corner, in this week’s episode of Chef Brain Patrick and Nicola were given the ingredients for a basic pancake batter (flour, eggs, milk) and tasked with the challenge of turning them into either a savoury or sweet pancake.

If you’ve ever wondered what the world record for the highest pancake flip was, or tried to crack the secret to a perfect pancake batter, then you’re about to find out. Packed with tips and ideas for pancake day, Nicola created a savoury recipe that’d be perfect for your main, whilst Patrick’s decadent recipe would be perfect for dessert…

Nicola’s Hoisin Duck Pancakes


2 cups of milk

2 cups of flour

1 egg

Cooked Duck


Spring Onions

Hoisin Sauce


1. Mix the pancake ingredients together until smooth and leave to sit for five minutes.

2.  Meanwhile, finely chop your spring onion and cucumber into thin matchsticks. Pull the cooked duck meat off the bone.

3. Now for the pancakes….Carefully pour a little bit of the pancake mix into the pan, tip the pan in a circular motion so that they are nice and round! They’re cooked when they are slightly golden and no longer raw in the middle.

4. Serve up. Place a little bit of hoisin sauce on the pancake and top with duck, spring onion and cucumber.  in warm the cooked duck. cut cucumber, spring onion and the cooked duck.

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