Brexit Update: We’re Still Delivering Fresh Ingredients For Delicious Dinners

October 17, 2019
by Rebecca Down Learn

    As the UK leaves the EU, we wanted to assure you that we’ve been working behind the scenes to ensure that we maintain the same high standard of fresh, quality ingredients and service you expect from HelloFresh.

    As the Brexit deadline approaches, we’re working on making sure that the ingredients that we do source from outside the UK are still available for you to cook at home.

    Sourcing locally is our preferred choice.

    Wherever we can, we work with suppliers based within the UK. For the ingredients that do come from a little further afield, our procurement team has been working hard alongside our EU suppliers to make sure that the items arrive fresh and full of flavour for you to enjoy. 

    Here’s how to stay up to date:

    1. Check your recipes on or the app – we’ll mark recipes that have any ingredient changes.
    2. Check your emails: We’ll email you if there are any changes
    3. Check your box: We’ll let you know if there are swaps in your weekly box

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