Brain Food: How To Improve Memory

November 20, 2015
by Trisha Our Cooking tools

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    The brain – it’s hard to sum up how amazing it is with just words. Every fairytale since the dawn of time came from a brain. Every formula, every memory and every song lyric. Every SINGLE recipe is a feat of human imagination and creativity, so it’s no wonder that we’re all keen to keep our old watch and chain running well. Obviously water is extremely important to our bodily and cerebral function, but as it’s not technically a food and we’re certain you guys all know about the whole water is fab concept, it’s not on the list. Water is above this list. Rule number 1 is: don’t forget about the joys of hydration!

    Rule #2 is never talk about brain food – that’s a joke, you should talk about and eat brain food as much as you can! Spread the word.


    Brain Boosting Foods

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    [/column] [column] [title maintitle=”Turmeric” subtitle=””] This zazzy looking spice is seriously popular in South Asian cooking. It’s fantastic for your body and brain. Turmeric helps with regeneration and studies show that it plays a role in helping people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and stroke damage. Packed full of strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this is one to watch! Try our turmeric & mango juice. [/column] [/columns_row] [columns_row width=”half”] [column] [title maintitle=”Pomegranate” subtitle=””] Now, even though pomegranates can be hard to peel, once you get to the seeds they’re mighty tasty! If you feel that your memory isn’t what it used to be, you should eat some more pomegranate. Tests have shown that pomegranate is great for improving your memory. Give our pomegranate, carrot and feta salad a go! [/column] [column]

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    [/column] [column] [title maintitle=”Oily Fish” subtitle=””] Fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines  are in this category of oily fish. Not only are they incredibly tasty and rich, they also help against dementia – so keep your mind healthy with some fish for dinner. In fact, oily fish also helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, and age-related vision loss. And the joy of oily fish doesn’t stop there! Oily fish is also a superfood because it’s rich in Vitamin D and B. Try our sesame crusted salmon recipe.

    [/column] [/columns_row] [columns_row width=”half”] [column] [title maintitle=”Dark Chocolate” subtitle=””] Just as with tea, red wine and cranberries, the cocoa beans that dark chocolate is made from contain strong flavonols. Flavonols are excellent antioxidants. They also improve blood flow, which includes blood flow to the brain. So, treat yourself to some dark chocolate every now and again, and get your brain nice and fit! Feeling adventurous? Try our dark chocolate, raspberry and beetroot crumble.  [/column] [column]

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    [/column] [column] [title maintitle=”Asparagus” subtitle=””] Other than making your pee smell, asparagus actually has some pretty amazing effect on your brain function. Like many other green veggies, asparagus contains folate, which works with vitamin B12 in foods like fish, meat and dairy— and it keeps your brain nice and healthy, as well as preventing cognitive decline. To get your folate AND b12 – try our beef and asparagus stir fry.[/column] [/columns_row] [columns_row width=”half”] [column] [title maintitle=”Nuts & Seeds” subtitle=””] Research points to the fact that nuts and seeds boost your brainpower and help you think more clearly! So, put down the coffee and opt for some seeds and nuts to give you some more clarity and energy! If you like nuts with a twist, here’s our nutty biscotti recipe.
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    [/column] [column] [title maintitle=”Whole Grains” subtitle=””] Even with all the vitamins in the world, your brain couldn’t work without energy. But the best kind of energy comes from whole grains! Hooray for whole grains! Replace all those whitened, processed grains with whole grains and feel your brain power grow. Voila – our quinoa patties!  [/column] [/columns_row] [columns_row width=”half”] [column] [title maintitle=”Carrots” subtitle=””] Carrots are full of the compound called luteolin. Never heard of it? You’re not the only one! So, why is this so good for you brain? It’s prevents cognitive age defects AND prevents inflammation of the brain! Our carrot and beetroot salad should do the trick.   [/column] [column]

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    [/column] [column] [title maintitle=”Blueberries” subtitle=””] Let’s end on a high. As well as being absolutely delicious, blueberries are known as a SUPER brain food. Woweee! All you need to know is that blueberries improve memory and learning and they help against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.[/column] [/columns_row]
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