On a Boring Date? Make it Funny with our Team’s Tips!

February 8, 2016
by Trisha Learn


    We’re not doing an Anti-Valentine’s campaign, because we’re lovers not haters at the Fresh Farm. However, as one of many singletons at HelloFresh, I know that there is nothing worse than a boring date. The way I see it, if a date is a bit embarassing, at least it makes for a good story! So, I’ve asked the team for tips on how to make a boring date funny. Initially there were a few giggles and I’m pretty sure everyone genuinely thought that I was just asking because I am terrible at dates. Obviously, I am incredible at dating… tumbleweed. For those looking to impress, why not explore our date night dinner recipes for a truly memorable evening? We provide the easy instructions, allowing you to impress with exclusive-sounding dishes such as 21-Day Aged Rump Steak & Parma Ham Filled Pasta, Serrano Ham Wrapped Chicken Saltimbocca, or Pan-Fried Sea Bass with Miso-Maple Sauce.

    ***DISCLAIMER: Despite appearances – we’re not actually professionally qualified to give dating advice. But – we hope our tips will give you a reason to giggle this Valentine’s Day ***

    Our Top Tips on Making a Boring date FUN:

    These tips are perfect for a date where you think this person has potential… and you want to get the best out of them while making sure that they don’t take themselves too seriously..!

    1. Reenact the diner scene from When Harry Met Sally

    Masha’s on our marketing team – this was her suggestion and she is clearly pretty brave! But I mean, Sally pulled it off and they ended up living happily ever after…

    2. Ask your date to take a selfie of you guys…

    Because you want to be able to mark the moment where you met the father / mother of your children.

    3. Do an accent or voice that’s not your own – for the entire date

    Ross from Friends did it when he was nervous about his new teaching job – and… it went down pretty well!

    4. Call your Mum during the date and refer to your date as your boyfriend or girlfriend

    5. Go for Indian food and challenge them to a chilli challenge – whoever wins gets a free dinner!

    If they can pull it off as well as our Rob & Keith – they’re a keeper!

    6. Try and make all your sentences rhyme with theirs

    Your date: “So, what do you do?”

    You: “I work in marketing, and have for a year or two”

    7. Use well known song lyrics in your sentences (in an obvious way) now and again

    … but don’t laugh… you want your date to notice it… but think that it’s a coincidence.

    Your date: “So, what are you looking for relationship-wise?”

    You: “Well, I’m of the opinion that you can’t hurry love. No. You just have to wait. Love don’t come easy, it’s a game of give and take”

    8. Show your date photos of your cat/dog/hamster in various different costumes

    “This is him dressed up for Notting Hill Carnival – he is just SUCH a party animal!”

    9. Challenge them to a “gross off”

    Jess from our Customer Care team reckons it would be hilarious to “come up with strange food concoctions and make them eat it or they forfeit and have to buy dinner or the next round of drinks”. Normally we only accept the most delicious of home cooking – but if eating a bit of gross food leads to true love… we can’t stand in the way!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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