Our Favourite Easter Carrot Cake Recipe April 9, 2020

by Rebecca Down HelloFresh Easter
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    Who said you can’t have your carrot cake and eat it..? Packed with fruit and veg, this really is the ultimate tea time treat.

    We’ve created the perfect Easter carrot cake decoration for our deliciously fruity carrot cake recipe. When you manage to pack veggies and fruit into a cake recipe, feelings of guilt as you tuck into your second, third, fourth slice (delete where appropriate) completely vanish.

    Not only do these cakes have a perfectly fluffy texture, but they are also packed with the sweet and earthy flavours of carrot and pineapple. Yes, you heard right, the secret ingredient behind the moist (sorry) texture of these cakes is pineapple!

    Generously iced with smooth cream cheese frosting, decorated with piped orange icing and garnished with a sprig of mint, these cakes taste as delicious as they look. Perfect for an Easter-themed tea party, an afternoon treat or even if you’re craving something sweet, they are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that will delight your family and friends.


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